Job Application and Interviews

Step by step approach

This course includes an overview of teaching applications - where and when are jobs advertised, what jobs can I apply for, panels, contracts, types of schools, what do you need to apply for teaching posts. A step by step approach to Standard Application Form (SAF) , C.V., Letter of application, other documents you'll need, the interview process, tips for the interview, how to prepare for an interview, interview questions and re-inteerviewing for a position.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Course access

  • 2

    The Standard Application Form (S.A.F.)

    • Standard Application Form

  • 3

    Letter of Application

    • Application Letter

  • 4


    • C.V.

  • 5

    Other documents

    • Other documents

  • 6

    Interview Process

    • Interview Process

  • 7

    Tips for the interview

    • Tips for the interview

  • 8

    How to Prepare for an Interview

    • How to prepare for interview

  • 9

    Interview Questions

    • Downloadable interview questions

    • Downloadable interview brainstorms

    • Interview Questions

  • 10


    • Reinterviewing

  • 11

    Covid 19

    • Covid Implications

    • Covid 19 Implications

  • 12


    • Believe

  • 13

    Thank you!

    • Thank you


  • An excellently delivered guide to applying for jobs

    "If only this course was available 3 years ago when I was an NQT! An excellently delivered guide to applying for jobs. It clears up so much uncertainty and offers very in depth and clear information. Thank you!"

  • Would highly recommend to anyone who will be looking for a job this summer

    "I found the course so so helpful! It was great to get an overview of how the panels worked and what the set up for an interview would look like. The huge range of questions is also brilliant to help you prepare for an interview. I also loved how you added the module 'Believe' for NQT's who are anxious about the current situation and also the Covid module which makes tis course very relevant for the times we are living in. The 'Give me 5' strategy I thought was a brilliant idea as well. Would highly recommend it to anyone who will be looking for a job this summer. It's brilliant! Thank you for creating it!"

  • Everything you need for applying for jobs is covered!

    "I cannot recommend this course enough! It's packed with practical advice and information. As someone who hasn't done a CV in years I feel totally prepared now after doing this course. Everything you need for applying for jobs is covered from your application letter to standard application form. It is so helpful. The interview section is super too, gets you thinking and the downloads will be such a help and focus when preparing for interviews. Totally recommend this for all teachers! Thank you!"